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Any questions or concerns you may have for the management staff of the Athletics Division?  Please feel free to call or e-mail
us at any time.  Twenty-four hour voice mail is available if we are not in the office.  We will return your call or e-mail in a
timely manner.

Recreation Program Coordinator  (Adult Softball, Adult and Youth Basketball Leagues)
John Sanders  
44933 N. Fern Ave  
Lancaster, CA 93534  
(661) 723-6071  

Recreation Supervisor (Tournaments, Rentals, Batting Cages)
Efrain Carrera Jr.
44933 N. Fern Ave
Lancaster, CA 93534
(661) 723-5825

Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park
(Big 8 Softball Complex)  
43011 N. 10th St West  
Lancaster, CA 93534  
(661) 723-6279
Operated by the City of
Lancaster, California